Narva city

The present-day look of Narva was formed during 1950's-1970's. As a result of this, the new Narva has entirely overshadowed the old Narva in both architecture and general mode of life. This phenomenon was linked to the intensive development of the town as an industrial center. Besides the Kreenholm Manufacture, reconstructed after World War II, a furniture factory and two power stations fueled with oil shale (i.e. fossil fuel mined locally) were built in close proximity to the town. The intensive influx of labor forces to Narva resulted in an increased need for cheap, quickly produced dwellings. For this reason, large residential districts sprang up in the Southern, Western and Northern parts of town. Nowadays, several ancient structures have become the symbols of Old Narva. They are the Town Hall building and some houses that retained the appearance of the former town; a belt of the famous Narva bastions; the Orthodox Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ; and most significantly, Narva Castle, which serves as a focal point for the town.

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