Narva city

Narva - museum of defensive architectural art

Throughout the course of time, the history of Narva has seen the mightiest European Powers permanently struggling to get hold over her. At various times the hosts of Narva were Denmark, the Knights ... Next

Commercial Narva

In European historyNarva has been known as a traditional center of international trade. Thewaterway along the Narva River had already been utilized during the epoch of theVikings (V - XI centuries) ... Next

Old town: Expansion and Tragedy

The XVII century - the time of expanding commerce in Narva - was also the golden age of civil architecture in the town. Until then, Narva was constructed mainly of wood, and many times had almost ... Next

Krenholm: town within a town

The area of the Narva waterfalls is interesting not only as a unique subject of nature, but also because it is the site of the well-known Kreenholm Manufacture. This company was put into operation in ... Next